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Extra notes from the index to Wandering Around Waverley

Wandering Around Waverley Index An index to The historiography by Wyn Hattwell
Wandering Around Waverley Index By Marjo Angelico, Waverley Historical Society Second Edition

This index also features several boxed sections (reproduced below) of notes mostly about families: Les Allen, The Armstrong, Arnold, Arnott,Chivers, Coleman, Cooper, Dunscombe, Forster, Jeanes, Mackintosh and McIntosh, Muir, and Wilson families; The Wendon Dance Academy and Bonfires.

Cr Leslie William Allen was one of the most hardworking and productive characters in the history of Waverley, as is reflected in the many references to him and his family in Wandering Around Waverley. He was on Council for many years, mayor three times, and highly involved in sports and other clubs. He was awarded an OBE for his contributions to local government.
Les had two brothers, Frank and Roy, that get mentions in the book. The William Allen listed on the 1864 Voters' Roll could be their father or grandfather.
Les and his wife Mary had five children, Keith, Robert, Norman, Joan Norma (Mrs Neville Bruce TALBOT) and Gwenda (Mrs Peter SHAW). One of the boys must have been the father of Gwenda's flower girls, Glenda and Kathleen.
I am not sure whether the other Allens listed are related: Cedric Allen, Marj McKay, and the Rev Allen.
This information gleaned from Wandering Around Waverley only. Confirmation requested.

James arrived in Waverley in 1849. His son Alf had a son Ray and a daughter who became Mrs Jack Arnott. Ray had children Ray, Dick, and Marie. This information collected from Wandering Around Waverley.

The ARNOTT Family
Mrs Fanny Arnott had three children, Jack, David and Vera.
Jack married a Miss ARMSTRONG and their daughter Melva Lorraine married Peter Cecil HYDE and had baby Michelle. See photo p424.
David's daughter Valerie married Ross BENNETT and his other daughter Beverley married Ian FANKHAUSER.
Vera married Wilf VIGGERS and had Jim, June and Elaine. See also Viggers box on the V page of this index.
This information from Wandering Around Waverley.

The ARNOLD Family
Page 69 lists Mr & Mrs A Arnold, but according to his grandson, this should be Walter Arnold, who is also mentioned on page 417. Walter's father Thomas is seen on the 1864 Voters' Roll on page 660. Walter's daughter Kate became Mrs Norman Chivers. On page 145, the reference to Walter Arnold is a mystery. The sentence only makes sense if you replace the words with H C Huckle, who was the one called Dick and the Registrar of Births etc.
Information received with thanks from Ron Chivers.

Guy Fawkes Nights - what fun they were! Use your encyclopedia to find the history of it, how Mr Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the British Parliament and all that happened as a result. In Australia, the "guy" part of it was never a big deal, but the bonfire and the fireworks were. It was always a neighbourhood affair, as only a whole street or block could get enough rubbish to make a really huge bonfire.
Young and old were "Please(d) to remember the fifth of November: gunpowder, treason and plot." The young loved the excitement of the fire, the splendour of rockets, catherine wheels, roman candles, and ha'penny bungers, and the chance to be up late with friends in the middle of the week. The old loved the opportunity to clean up winter prunings and spring cleaning debris in the days before Hard Rubbish Collections. Both thoroughly enjoyed the blend of British history and swagman lore that was the forerunner of the great Aussie Barbecue as they brewed billy tea, toasted bread on sticks, roasted potatoes in the embers, and improved last year's apples by threading several onto a stick poked into the ground and leaning towards the fire.
The picture on page 54 is a great example. These heaps took weeks to assemble and the excitement would rise with the altitude of the pinnacle. The caption says "Chiver's bonfire" which must refer to the fact that Frank Chivers is seen in front of the heap. The RSL organised this one on the Glen Waverley Reserve (now known as Central Reserve) and the photo looks East towards the pines and cypresses bordering the Mount View Reservoir near Corpus Christi. On this particular occasion, springs rains had been particularly bountiful and there was some question regarding the combustability of the sodden heap. Frank went home for a ladder and a good quantity of sump oil, which he poured over the rubbish from the top of the ladder. The bonfire was a success.
The article on pages 54 and 55 speaks of a separate bonfire one mile further north.
This information received with thanks from Ron Chivers.

The CHIVERS family
Alfred William (Bill) CHIVERS married Fanny Matilda (Fran) DUNLOP and they had four children.
1. Norman William, who married Margaret Kate ARNOLD and had Russell, Hazel (Mrs DYSON), Frank (father of Trevor, Glenys & Julie), Ron (father of Arnold, Janice, and Geoff), and Ken.
2. Gordon James, who married Esther PEPPERELL and had Alan and Elaine.
3. Elsie, who married Roland Ratcliff (Cliff) ROSS and had Jean and Lindsay.
4. Herbert Arthur, who married Jessie SELLER and had Bill and Graeme.
Information gratefully received from Ron Chivers.

The COLEMAN Family
This information was brought together from Wandering Around Waverley, Waverley Past and Present, and Cattlemen to Commuters, with additiomal help from Edith Marriott, nee Coleman, for which I am grateful - thanks.
The original Coleman property, "Syndal," was bought from Sir Redmond Barry by the patriarch, Henry, who married Amelia NOTT and had three sons, George, Charles Henry (Harry) and John Charles, who went to New Zealand and is not mentioned in Wandering Around Waverley.
George married Elizabeth STEPHENS. This Mrs Elizabeth Coleman became quite well known as a painter, and painted early scenes of our Waverley area. George and Elizabeth had nine children: Florence (who died accidentally at 16), Edith (Mrs Bob Marriott), Elizabeth (Mrs Hennell), Mary, Laura (Mrs Poynder), George, Harry, Bertha, & John.
Harry (CH) married Malvina NOTT and their son Charles Trevor (Trevor) married Edna NABB (referred to in Wandering Around Waverley as Mrs C T Coleman). Their children were Geoff, Janice and Heather, of whom Geoff became an MP. Geoff married Marcia LEE.
Unrelated Colemans mentioned are Ken, Yvette (born 1964 or 65), Miss Lesley (born approx 1954) and her brother Phillip (1957).

The COOPER family
Tom Cooper was a market gardener in SV Rd, GW. He had daughters Olive and Grace and sons Bob (the postman with the cheerful smile on p7) and Don who died serving his country and is listed at the Memorial Gates in Glen Waverley.
Tom's cousin Bill (Cyril E COOPER) rented land to farm in Notting Hill next door to Amstel Golf Course 1927-1933 with his brother Percy, then the land on Ferntree Gully Rd where the freeway now crosses, and finally settled in Watsons Rd when he married Edna. Bill and Edna's daughters were Marie (see school photo of 1947 on p56), and Valerie who was the pianiste on p603 (though NOT Mrs!).
Ray Cooper (Stan's son) was Bill's nephew and the barber in Coleman Pde. He had four sons: Brian, Greg, Rohan and Jonathon. Mrs R Cooper, director of Sherwood Rd Preschool (p69), was no relation, nor were Mrs Desmond Cooper (p360), Mrs June Cooper (p473), or J R Cooper (p494).
J R Cooper had earlier had a timber yard in Dandenong Rd Oakleigh/East Malvern. After closing this business at the end of WW2, he moved to Blackburn Rd Notting Hill(just south of Fermtree Gully Rd), where he carried on the business for many years. At this time development was taking place and many businesses were being established.
With thanks to Mrs Edna Cooper for clarification of facts in this section.

Harry DUNSCOMBE had a farm where the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Centre now stands in SV Rd, GW. He and his wife and five children were all very active in St Paul's Anglican Church, and Dunscombe Hall was named after them. Later Dunscombe Players met in the hall and named themselves after it. Harry's son Jack and his family get several mentions, and one of the Dunscombes had a model orchard in Syndal, where Dunscombe Ave is. This information from Wandering Around Waverley.

The FORSTER family
This family farmed the land now occupied by Axxess industrial estate, formerly named Slough estate, on the NE cnr of Ferntree Gully Rd and Forster Rd, Mount Waverley. The old family home still stood, behind the new Ilford factory, in the 60s, until old Mr Forster died.
The first of the clan was Arthur, whose wife was the local midwife for many years, traipsing through the mud or the dust in all weathers to help deliver babies. It is after her that Forster Rd was named.
Their son William FORSTER did much to help the Young Farmers Club at Notting Hill State School. He was also a councillor for forty-one years.
William's son Bill married Dolly Marriott and ran an orchard just north of the old family home. He purchased for removal the first house built in our area, Amstel Park House, built in 1852, which had stood for years at the back of the old Amstel Golf Course. He rebuilt it on his land half a mile east of where it had stood, and lived there till his orchard was subdivided in the late 1960s.
Bill's son Geoff, and Geoff's son Russell, also get mentions in Wandering Around Waverley, making five generations listed.
This information gathered from Wandering Around Waverley and Waverley Past & Present.

The Jeanes family pioneers (p221) had 5 children, of whom the daughters became Mrs Anne SCAMMEL, Mrs Ellen FLYNN, and Mrs Mary CLOHESY (pron "Closey").
Annie JEANES married Dave SCAMMEL at 19 and her youngest child Paul SCAMMEL was born after Annie's daughter had her first child. Annie lived to see her granddaughter become a grandmother.
Mrs Ellen FLYNN had eight children, of whom Catherine died as a baby. Then there was Julia (Mrs Pat RILEY, see p 552), Edmund (married May O'DEA), Mary (Mrs Matthew RYAN), Ellie (Mrs Christie WEST), William (married Vera CARROLL of Richmond), Maurice, and Louise (Mrs Eric LINES).
Edmund and May FLYNN lived in Myrtle St (see p159) and had two sons, William, who married Edna SHARP, daughter of the guard of the one-carriage GW train; and John, who married Pauline GIBB.
Mary and Matt RYAN lived on Stephensons Rd where Holy Family now stands. They had two daughters and one son, Laurie RYAN who has been mayor of Waverley.
Ellie and Christie (J C) WEST (p58) dairy-farmed where Pinewood now stands, until 1957 when A V Jennings subdivided it. Then the family moved to Brighton. Their children were Eileen (Mrs John SALVANA), Jim (who married Pat LILBURN), Maurice (Rev Fr Cyprian WEST), Frank (who married Anne SPRUZEN), Margaret (Mrs Michael POUND), Clare (now a Josephite nun) and Barbara (Mrs Colin YOUNG).
This information supplied by Laurie Ryan - received with thanks.

The Mackintosh family had a lovely old home, "Glen Darra," on the corner of Ferntree Gully and Lum Rds, Wheelers Hill, built 1890 and set in beautiful English gardens. They were very active in the Presbyterian church in Wheelers Hill.
The McIntosh family were active in Glen Waverley Methodist church and had land in Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley opposite Central Reserve. Alf McIntosh is pictured on p78, the front person in the seond picture. Don McIntosh was a mayor of Waverley.
This information from Wandering Around Waverley only.

MUIR family
Cr Malcolm MUIR was the first President of the Shire of Mulgrave. His son William Senior married Ellen COTTER and had a son Bill who beame the last Shire President and the first Mayor of the City of Waverley. He had two daughters Jennifer Robyn and Susan Jill. Also mentioned are Mrs P Muir and her children Pamela and Malcolm, and a John Muir but it is not clear whether they are related to the councillors.

Wendon Academy of Dance has been a feature of Glen Waverley since 1967, for many years ocupying the first floor of the railway arcade in Kingsway. Principal Don McRobert and his wife Wendy (Wen & Don), award winning dancers themselves, train debutants every year as well as running classes and social dances regularly.
Note that the photos on p230 and p545 of Wandering Around Waverley are the same, so all the people in them are listed twice in the index.
This information from Wandering Around Waverley only.

WILSON families
Four brothers, Andrew, Alexander, Robert and Frank and their sister Hillena, settled in Black Flat. Hillena and her husband Aaron Watson, daughters, and son-in-law Richard Jane, opened a store on the corner of Waverley Rd and Springvale Rd, later known as Jane's corner.
Frank had sons Don and Norm (and more?). Norm and his wife Ethel had Bruce and Keith, and Bruce had Stephen. (Only mentioning those in Wandering Around Waverley). Frank's nephew David started the Wilson Coach Service,which was carried on through several generations.
Alexander and wife Elizabeth had 13 children. The oldest, Anne, married William John RHODES, who died young. Later Anne married Tom DOHERTY. Anne's sister Elizabeth also married a RHODES. Her brother Bill and his wife Frances had a daughter Joyce (Mrs WILLIAMS) who had a son David WILLIAMS. Bill had look-alike brothers Aaron (who married Kate) and Bob.
Jack Wilson was the electrical engineer who founded Wilson Electric Transformers, and also became a councillor. His sons were Robert and Peter. Jack Wilson was not related to the Wilson family, though he bought property on Wilson's Lane, adjacent to the other Wilson properties.
This information collected from Wandering Around Waverley and Cattlemen to Commuters More details requested.